A snapshot of  various original works, prints and  experiments.


I studied Fine Art at Trent University in Nottingham where I specialised in painting and printing.    Although I mainly paint and have sustained my art production throughout my teaching career, I have found that being a art full-time artist since January 2015  and having a studio at the Leicester Print Workshop have been hugely significant in helping me to revitalise my practice. I also work in wood, sculpt and I occasionally make automata. I maintain a small studio in the village of Potamies in Northern Crete.

Travelling has played an important role in my life and in my artwork. My most worked subjects are people and places that I have known or which appeal to me on a spiritual or aesthetic level.   I also paint  people whose lives are known to me or that I feel connected to, by virtue of our shared humanity. My interests include cultural geography, human stories and historical events, as well as broader global concepts in the areas of politics, gender, and religion.

I try to paint what it feels like to be part of an ephemeral, complex, beautiful and sometimes challenging and painful continuum.

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1984-1987 Art Teacher Mundella Community College

Exhibited at Beaumanor Hall several years in succession.

Vaughn College with Peter Clayton.

Peatling Parva Solo Exhibition

1987-1994 Curriculum Development Production and illustration of Learning Resources, Nottingham and Leicester.

Various minor local exhibitions, including Leicester Open.

Several illustrated publications/curricular materials for teachers.

1994- 2000 Head of Art
Various Local exhibitions 
2000- 2003 Advanced Skills Practitioner Art Education

Various local exhibitions 

2004-2010 Assistant Headteacher/ Head of Expressive Arts St. Paul’s School
Series Graphic Novels using new media.
2010-2011 Deputy Headteacher St. Paul’s CS

Setting up of studio in Crete.

2012 Headteacher Hospital School Leicester

Solo Exhibition YMCA ‘A Working Model of the Universe’.

Investigating educational outcomes in Hospital Schools.

Behavioural Genetics course John Hopkin University.

2015 January Retired from teaching. Working as a full time self-employed artist, working in a variety of media.  Based at Leicester Print workshop.


Open 26 selected 

Open27 selected 

Cank Street Open selected 

Acquired Studio at Leicester Print Workshop


Joined Leicester Society of Artists

Winner in Small Print International

Illustrated Unitarian Musical Incantations

Selected for Cank Street Open

Selected for Kunst 2016 Berlin

Solo Exhibition Northgate Studios Chester