(The most catastrophic movement of people in Europe since WWII)

'Ghosts of Empires Past, Present and Future'. Three separate lino prints on archival paper, each image measuring 42 x 60 cm, on 56 x 76 cm paper. Price on request via the contact form.


In the first one in the trilogy, the Soviet manipulation of the Ukrainian wheat crop and resulting famine are shown. An expectant mother (Ukraine) forces Lenin to consume the wheat grains, whilst a military convoy poses in typical soviet art fashion. On the opposing side, the Holodomor statue (The Ukrainian famine) looks on.


In the second panel, the poses have been derived from an illustration from Pilgrim's progress illustrated by the Reed brothers in 1892 but altered to reference the iniquitous nature of the war in Ukraine. The machinery of war is everywhere in the background.


In the third panel, the young girl in the Holodomor memorial is more prevalent, symbolising the impact on the children for years to come. Black sea workmen repair the beleaguered city of Mariupol as a soviet era group welcome everyone as brothers. In the background, a setting sun…or a nuclear explosion lights up the horizon; the future is unclear.