This website is about a  Dream: 

To restore the beautiful village of Achlada in Crete;

to provide appropriate care for the elderly residents, and to

make the village a thriving artistic and historical centre.


UPDATE 22nd December 2009

'Radial expansive development'

The term was coined at a recent meeting, of interested parties, whereby an aerial photograph of the village of Achada was used  to asess the extent of work, the starting point and the logistics of restoration and rebuilding in stages, over a period of 5 to 10 years.

The beginning is a critical time, as this will clearly signal the intent and extent of re-development, and will play an important role in attracting additional local interest and support.

The consensus is currently that development needs to take place 'radially' extending out from an agreed point of significance.  In Achlada, the Church is in a prominent position and surrounded by buildings which are reasonable well maintained. This could be the centre of the radial development.  A  cursory look at the aerial photographs will show the directional 'push' of re-development.

On  the  map, the smaller red circles  are  the suggested sites for a  Geriatric care base and a Visual/Applied  Arts Centre.

This proposal needs local consent, investment and of course before all that, additional consultation, which will have to be led locally by the Cretan participants.