Animated layered lightbox print with Arduino controller developed by Paul Rudman under the trade name 'Radiance'.
Winner of LCB prize at Open 23 Leicester Museums 
I will always return to the ruins. This is my place of worship.  
I enter in silence. I move slowly to the epicentre, where the mystery takes place. There, I am in communion with my sadness but also hope. I listen to the sermon as the buildings collapse. I bow my head as the shards of memories are hurled towards me. I receive the host as images are rekindled. Blinding light surrounds me as candle flames sway in their stands.
I exit.

The image depicts memory as a catastrophic personal event, superimposed over beautiful patterns from Iran and Syria.  The country has suffered such immense turmoil the people have escaped conflict and persecution in their millions, in order to seek safety and a better future for themselves and their loved ones.