MORE HOPE                                                                                   SALT                                     

More Hope, and the two preceding versions ‘Little Hope’ and ‘Hope’ were inspired by the exodus of refugees and the images of people sailing across the Mediterranean from Turkey to the Greek islands. The news was and is saturated with shocking pictures of little boats and uprooted people, desperately seeking a better life, leaving all they had and all that sustained them behind.

The tree on the boat is a metaphor. The three components of the print, the boat, the tree and the sea are simple and universally understood, but their juxtaposition makes us look again and reflect.

The tree symbolises a person who has been displaced or uprooted and through life changing events, forced to become a refugee. Anyone in that position cannot survive long without putting roots down somewhere. When they do, will they survive and thrive, create a meaningful life for themselves and their children and bear fruit?

The Eye in ‘Salt’ is the world watching and recording for future generations; whatever we create today will in some way affect the future.

And ‘Continental Drift’, reimagines the relocation of communities around the globe.