As the couple intertwines, their connection seems both tender and profound, evoking a sense of unity and passion. Surrounding them, a compelling trio of symbolic figures emerges from the intricate backdrop. A devil, representing temptation and darkness, contrasts with an angel, embodying purity and guidance. This juxtaposition suggests the complexities inherent in human relationships, where opposing forces can simultaneously draw us closer and push us apart.

Amidst this interplay of opposites, a dove gracefully finds its place, symbolizing peace and harmony. Perhaps it serves as a reminder of the potential for reconciliation and understanding within the complexities of love and relationships.

Iwas curious to see what would happen if a very different medium was used and so I made a 'copy' rather a derivative of the image in copper. It felt very different both in the way that it looks but also in terms of its physical presence and resonance.