When I first sketched this image of a woman holding a heart with one hand and the space it occupies with the other, I thought I would create a simple and immediate image in lino, as a small limited edition. A whole month later, the final layer was printed on a third version and I can now finally, but with some reluctance call the editions of three, not one image as originally intended, ‘complete’.

The subject was originally about a young woman who was reclaiming her life after the end of a relationship. I coincided with the protests about the safety of women and the hopeful end of another lockdown; so the image or rather images as they would become, were on the verge of becoming compelling political statements.

'Reclaim' (First Love): simple and uncomplicated and rather devoid of the rich complexities that accompany us as we age and fall in love, so very differently each time.

There are two more in this style/series, and the second one 'Only Love' is shown here but not included in the exhibition.