This screenprint with the addition of aluminium is part of a new body of work developed at Loughborough University in 2023. The combination of paper and silver refer to votive offerings in the Greek Church.

This work is alluding to a feeling of the divine and of magic, the rich reflective quality of precious metals decorating the icons, or hanging over them, as thousands of mass-produced silver plated tin votive offerings, hang around the interiors, a sign of people’s dialogue with greater power.

These recent works incorporating metal reference my religious upbringing, but they are now a way of underscoring the importance, one might say the extraordinary in the act of living. They see it as sacred as life itself, and our perceptions of the world, a painful or a treasured memory, a newsworthy event, a beautiful poem, a feeling of spirituality, a destructive war, my parents' lives, and love. Hence the title: 'The Hagiography of the Sacred'.