This is where I post my completed illustrated books. These are printed on request by Please click on the books to find out more.

Current Titles:

'Personal Maps'. Printed works on the themes of Sense of Place and Identity.

The companion book to the 'Personal Maps' Exhibition at the Alexandria Library Wilmslow Road, Manchester October to December 2017 can be purchased here:
'Traces'. Trying to remember my father's life from a few pages of his incomplete memoirs.
'Hope, Trees and Little Boats'. Simple messages for complicated times.

'Tales from an Old Fort Town'. A personal response to the Jewish History of Crete.The book is published by Etz Hayyim Synagogue in Chania, Crete and is now available via the following contact:

'No Hiding Place'. A personal Map based on the eponymous novel by Trezza Azzopardi, for the Digital Literary Map of Wales and its Borderlands, Cardiff University.