I based this image on a photograph of a Greek woman, a singer, named Marina Satti. I like her values and her global perspective. I added the small baby, which was not in the original photograph. I was really intrigued to find out that her father is from North Sudan and her mother's family like my mother's from Smyrna. Modern Greeks do not always acknowledge their multi-ethnic past, despite the abundant evidence. In Mary's face face I see the intermingling of populations in the Mediterranean basin, the ebb and flow of people, religions and nations back and forth over transient man-made borders. The child is a symbol of her heritage, and she is holding on with all her might. I sympathise and share that need to nurture what we have inherited. 'Anne' is Turkish for 'mother'. In homage of a language that once was often spoken by my grandparents who were born in Constantinople/Istanbul and Smyrna/Ismir and who were resettled in Greece in the 1920s.