'ZOLTAN' HAND OPERATED AUTOMATON.  The extract below is from my blog.  Read more about these objects at:http://georgesfougaras.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/the-things-that-i-never-managed-to.html

''I cannot recapture the enthusiasm with which I spent hundreds of hours making these things. To me, they now seem like a diary that one finds; full of lost thoughts and ideas, and descriptions of days that have long since faded from memory. I looked at these forgotten dusty objects and decided that the past can sometimes still surprise us and lead us to new insights and discoveries. Here they are, or at least some of them, repaired, cleaned up, even 'enhanced'. What I have avoided is spending too long on repairing some of the most damaged. I have tidied them up and brought them out of their dark hiding places. 

You can make your own minds up as to whether my efforts were worthwhile, or these objects really should have been relegated to a vague memory, and the local recycling plant.

I start with 'Zoltan'. Made from an old fence and supports, a drawer handle, plaster and some highly varnished paint; he clutters as you turn the handle anti-clockwise.  Rough and naive, it is not a pretty thing, but perhaps, as the adage goes: 'Beauty is in the eye of the....' Well you get the picture. Enjoy...or not. Here they come.... I present 'ZOLTAN' the magician''.and see links to videos  

 FULL CIRCLE' HAND OPERATED AUTOMATON.See more images and description on my blog at: http://georgesfougaras.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/full-circle.html