2019 was an amazing year of residencies, public commissions, and exhibitions.  The travel and work created both in the UK and elsewhere have nourished and challenged me. It was however the people I met and worked with this year were the real highlights of 2019. I learned a lot and I am moving on with great anticipation as I continue to work on next year's plans.

In 2020, two international residencies, a large public commission and several other projects await are so far planned.  I feel very lucky to be living this life and to be invited to do so many wonderful things. It really feels like a beautiful dream. 

Bellow are some of the places I had planned to be working in 2020. 

January 2020. The Bishop Guli Portrait: World Arts Gallery New Walk Museum, Leicester. Commissioned banner entitled 'Unwritten' displayed on the Sanctuary Wall in the main gallery.  Talk concerning my loaned drawing, the Knight, Death and the Devil, housed in the German Expressionist Gallery until April 2020. New Walk museum. February: Residency in Jerusalem.  Editing of film and creation of work.  March: Commission for De Lisle  College Loughborough. The Catholic Spirit of the College. March: Working with students at Fermynwoods Centre, Northampton. 

Just then, there was a pandemic and so the following are postponed for the foreseable future:

April: 'The Story so Far' Series of pen and ink drawings, for exhibition in 2021.  May: George Davies Centre, Leicester.  Formerly the Centre for Medical Research.  New Board games designed around current research.  June: Arthouse Leicester. A now famous exhibition in beautiful homes in Stoneygate and Clarendon Park, Leicester. July: Residency at House Ohrbeck, Osnabruck. Art and Religion. July-August: Journeys Festival International.  September: TBCOctober: Working at the Studio in Crete.  November: Completion of body of work for exhibition. December (Provisional): Barcelona, International Place Branding Association (est. 2015) - is a non-profit independent association of academics and professionals involved or interested in the principles and practices of brand development and brand management for places (cities, regions, nations and destinations).