This is the story about the 'Mother' NFT print. 

The image is symbolic.  It shows a boat whose hull stands for the abdomen of an expectant mother. When I was growing up, I was told that my grandmother escaped from a war zone (the advancing troops had set fire to the town and all the Greek inhabitants had to escape or be killed or captured. The advancing troops were enraged by violent acts committed by the retreating and defeated Greek army and the fire and destruction were acts of revenge. I am not passing judgement here; I am simply trying to give an account of the pasta nd how it shaped me and consequently my art. In the account of my grandparent’s escape, my mother features as the unborn child in the image. The story goes that grandmother was expecting my mother, who was born later on safe ground. This was a powerful narrative that influenced me as a child and continues to resonate with me as an adult.  This has become more poignant, as waves of migrants escape war-torn zones and undertake the same journey across from mainland Turkey to the Greek islands.