Hand Painted Screenprint. 

A face with symbols from the central Asian area of Georgia and Armenia, has been cut up and reconfigured, creating three new images.  It alludes to the idea of the distribution of DNA material via our ancestors in ways that are often unpredictable. Much of what we inherit is based on random reconfiguration.  We are the products of human movement, and chance. There are many philosophical implications behind the concepts of inheritance, race, and ethnicity. The concept of the other creates significant anxiety and shapes political debate and our everyday decisions.  I tried to create a symbolic tale that underscores the profound impact of human movement and chance encounters on our existence.

Our identities and genetic tapestries are not confined to singular roots but are rather shaped by the historical migrations, mingling, and serendipitous encounters of our ancestors.

Inheritance, Race, and Ethnicity: Inheritance, race, and ethnicity have captivated the minds of philosophers throughout the ages. Within this artwork, I invite viewers to embark on their own philosophical exploration of these concepts. It is through this artistic lens that we can challenge established notions and uncover the deep-seated implications they carry. By disassembling and reconfiguring the symbols tied to a specific geographic area, I question rigid identities, encouraging a more nuanced understanding of our shared human heritage.

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