Winter in Jerusalem

I was invited by Michal Elbaz to film in Jerusalem during January/February 2020. The materials gathered resulted in four short films under the working titles of ‘Home’, ‘Appearances’, ‘Memories’ and ‘Family’. Some of the resulting footage will be screened alongside the project ' Jerusalem Grandmother’s Stories' conceived by acclaimed theatre director Adina Tal. In this production, Adina works with several women across the religious and socioeconomic strata of Jerusalem in a series of staged dialogues and reflections. The project aims to show the commonalities, dreams, friendships and shared memories of Arab and Jewish women who have experienced the great changes within Jerusalem since the 1960s. The play premiere is on the 3rd March 2020 at the Jerusalem Khan Theatre (תיאטרון החאן - Teat'ron HaKhan, "The Caravanserai Theatre").