Limited Edition Hand coloured screen print.

I had my DNA analysed in early 2017. It was a revelation to see the complexity of a journey that had eventually led me here, to present day Britain. What was fascinating, as well as moving and hard to grasp, were the human adventures that lay beneath all the data. The thousands of miles travelled, religions, languages and allegiances changed. The births, deaths, and the trauma of war; the beauty of love and the tenacity of survival and procreation. DNA analysis re-affirmed certain beliefs, brought to life lost ones, and connected me with a past that is rich and stretches back much further than I can fathom. The experience has enriched me and I want to nurture and share it. The faces of my grandmother, in the eponymous print, whose place of birth I discovered only a few weeks ago and that of my grandfather shown in this print are stylised and combined with significant elements from their lives. The image depicts my grandfather but the title on the print is 'Kelempes' the place where he was born, now no longer on any map.